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Internal Affairs


  • 26 November 2010: 58 members
  • 10 Dezember 2011: 81 members
  • 28 November 2012: 105 members

10 members have left since 2010.


As mentioned in the previous report, accounting was now switched to a web-based system, which administers all contacts of the society and integrates bookings and membership. As part of the process, transaction costs were added to the book-keeping and membership fees demanded much more effectively.

The new accounting system allows for live monitoring of bookings and transactions:


Movements on nominal accounts, compare financial year/calendar year and budget:

Account Budget 2012 01.09.2011 - 31.08.2012 01.01.2012 - 28.11.2012
0900 Acquisition of assets 24.788,59 EUR 24.788,59 EUR
0901 AfA -4.019,66 EUR -4.019,66 EUR
4010 WMF Grant 131.200,00 EUR - EUR
4031 Direct donations public 10.799,09 EUR 2.320,00 EUR
4032 Direct donations anonymous 4.552,06 EUR 420,00 EUR
4040 Donations (manual booking) 4.373,07 EUR 3.687,90 EUR
4051 membership fees (automatic booking) 110,00 EUR 245,00 EUR
4052 membership fees (manual booking) 1.565,00 EUR 685,00 EUR
7011 Wikimania 15.000,00 EUR -17.246,81 EUR -14.299,08 EUR
7012 Wikimedia Conference 1.200,00 EUR -4.086,23 EUR -3.145,78 EUR
7013 Literature scholarship 1.500,00 EUR -1.972,88 EUR -1.028,71 EUR
7014 Wiki Loves Monuments 7.000,00 EUR -13.701,19 EUR -5.790,58 EUR
7015 Photography projects Austria 13.000,00 EUR -3.069,56 EUR -5.305,04 EUR
7016 International aid 3.500,00 EUR -1.282,34 EUR -1.282,34 EUR
7017 International Wikimedia editorial meetings 4.000,00 EUR -1.039,76 EUR -1.039,76 EUR
7018 WikiConvention 3.500,00 EUR 23.704,71 EUR -1.309,52 EUR
7019 Materials for promoting voluneering 9.000,00 EUR - EUR - EUR
7020 Admont Monastery / Wikisource project 5.000,00 EUR -3.441,86 EUR -3.441,86 EUR
7021 Infrastructure and programming project 6.500,00 EUR -8.159,73 EUR -1.825,30 EUR
7022 Library project 4.600,00 EUR - EUR - EUR
7111 School and university projects 5.000,00 EUR -33,24 EUR -2.033,24 EUR
7112 Public relations / Adverstising material 6.000,00 EUR -7.189,84 EUR -6.092,82 EUR
7113 GLAM / Open Content 3.500,00 EUR - EUR -2.000,00 EUR
7200 Open budget 5.000,00 EUR - EUR - EUR
7210 Community budget 26.000,00 EUR -5.884,22 EUR -6.140,65 EUR
7211 Photographic equipment -17.158,00 EUR -17.158,00 EUR
7520 General meeting 1.800,00 EUR -1.768,40 EUR - EUR
7710 Office rent and equipment 4.250,00 EUR - EUR -4.187,50 EUR
7720 Legel expenses 1.500,00 EUR -3.553,08 EUR -2.653,08 EUR
7730 Internal IT 800,00 EUR -5.276,90 EUR -4.089,28 EUR
7740 Office supplies 1.350,00 EUR -52,66 EUR -52,66 EUR
7750 Administration and office management 12.000,00 EUR -2.484,50 EUR -5.371,31 EUR
7760 Accounting 6.600,00 EUR -1.099,60 EUR -1.099,60 EUR
7771 Banking fees -1.054,38 EUR -805,11 EUR
7772 Capital returns tax -151,35 EUR -146,97 EUR
7773 Interests 605,41 EUR 587,68 EUR
7780 Internal communication 400,00 EUR -2.055,30 EUR -2.064,86 EUR
7790 Insurances -1.048,88 EUR -1.501,74 EUR
7800 Work of the board -3.780,06 EUR -3.510,50 EUR
7999 Other expenses -2.329,90 EUR -1.667,00 EUR
9021 Advancements -182,20 EUR 0,00 EUR

Movements on nominal accounts, compare financial year/calendar year and budget:

Account 01.09.2011 - 31.08.2012 01.01.2012 - 28.11.2012
Credit card -2.565,63 EUR 0,00 EUR
General checking account (Krentschker) 7.028,46 EUR -61,74 EUR
General savings account (Krentschker) 55.497,27 EUR 5.383,39 EUR
Grant checking account (Krentschker) 4.523,15 EUR -108.409,09 EUR
Grant savings account (Krentschker) 75.000,00 EUR 10.000,00 EUR


On the 20 and 21 April the board Wikimedia Austria met in Graz in order to consult about the future of the society, its strategic goals, annual aims and work out a structure and its realisation. We were resolved to set the framework for the next three years (2012-2015).

After gathering tasks and activities, we set up the following portofolios:

*Society - Infrastructure / Organisaiton (Operational processes and activities)
*International work - Conference scholarships / Chapters cooperation aid / Project coordiation
*Community work - Content: promotion of content production for Wikimedia projects / Community building: trust etc.
*External - Cooperation with like-minded organisations / Lobbying / Scientific work / Educaitonal work / GLAM etc.

The discussion showed rather clearly that:

  • Community work is of pivotal importance for us and already a very successful part of the society's work. This is our main goal (50% weighting).
  • External affairs were barely a part of our work while they support the main goal in many ways. We would like to expand this important area and therefore make it an auxiliary goal (30% weighting).
  • International work is also an auxiliary goal, since it supports the main goal in various areas (Wikimania scholarships, Wiki Loves Monuments) and we're part of an international movement (20% weighting).
  • The society needs to be sized and positioned according to these aims and is therefore an infrastructural goal.

In order to do justice to our current size and organisational level, we're focusing on one central goal, namely community work. This main goal is being aided by two auxiliary goals, external and international work. These two areas have to be seen as additional aims that support and complement our main goal. Coming from this we have defined yearly goals including measures for the different areas, which we want to achieve. This last part was the most time and effort consuming during the discussions.

Afterwards we took up discussion on the shape and form of our organisational structure that would be necessary to achieve the above mentioned goals and to run the society. This culminated in a first job description for a secretery. The plan is to initially distribute the workload to this position and part time manpower or further positions developed by the secretary. This way the society's work can be stabilised and set on an ongoing, continuous basis. This is intended to develop the foundation for the work of the coming years.

The details can be found in a somewhat rudimental form at http://mitglieder.wikimedia.at/Projekte/Zukunft. The raw material for this document can be sighted at http://mitglieder.wikimedia.at/Projekte/Zukunft/Protokoll as a protocol.

Denis Barthel


After a job advertisement in the newspapers "Standard", "Presse" and "Kleinen Zeitung" there was a several stages long selection process for the selection of a secretary. Finally Claudia Garad from Stuttgart was awarded the position. She moved to Vienna and dedictes herself from 1 October 2012 to the buliding up of our office there. Ruben Demus continued to work on a service contract, supporting several projects, including Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, the Ortsbildmesse, assisting municipalities, Photography workshops and school projects. The development of our staff was welcomed by the Wikimedia Foundation, the FDC however mentioned that our staff needs to gather more experience and should be expanded further. Wikimedia Sweden, for instance, has three permanent positions in the WLM/GLAM/Outreach sphere and hires additional support on service contracts. At Wikimedia Austria we are aiming at developing our backoffice capabilities in our office in Vienna as a first phase.

Fundraising Certificate

The Fundraising Certificate (Spendengütesiegel) is a quality seal for organisation collecting donations in Austria and guarantees quality standards, transparency and control. Its aim is to improve the security and trustworthiness of fundraising campaigns. In order to be allowed to use the seal, WMAT has to be audited yearly by an independent chartered accountant. There are seven auditing areas including the "correctness of financial accounting", the "integrity of the fundraising promotion and the responsibility for its regulation" as well as the the "statutable and designated use of donations", i.e. according to what was annouced during the funraising process. In total the organisaiton applying has to fulfill 35 criteria checked by a list of more than 300 quesitons in order to receive the „Spendengarantie-Ausweis“ badge of the Austrian chamber of chartered public accountants and tax consultants (Kammer der Wirtschaftstreuhänder - KWT). WMAT has submitted the necessary documentation which is currently being checked.

Regulation on Travel Expenses

Never before since the founding of our society in Austria have so many people participated in activities relating to Free Knowledge as in 2012. This doesn't always take place in the place thy live, oftentime volunteers were travelling across Austria and beyond. As part of their engagement they sacrifice their time and energy for the common cause. Having this in mind it is more than appropriate if the society supports them when it comes to travel expenses, which are sometimes a considerable part of the total cost of participation.

Travel expenses financing requests were already on the increas in 2011. In order to be predictable and fair vis-à-vis the volunteers and to be able to repsonsibly handle funds, the board adopted a travel expenses by-law in January 2012. Some details were improved in the course of the year, overall the expectations were confirmed and we now have a more simple and more balanced way to distribute the funds in this crucial area for the success of our society.

Fundraising Congress

Photo: Michael Kranewitter, cc-by-sa 3.0

Even if Wikimedia Austria can't itself become active in the yearly Wikimedia fundraising campaign, there are numerous other possiblities and situations to bid for support. In order to use these potentials in the best possible way, Wikimedia Austria is as of this year member of the Funraising Association of Austria (Fundraising Verband Austria - FVA). The FVA is an information and networking platform for non-profit organisaitons. Especially the annual Fundraising Congress is an excellent opportunity to to keep up with latest developments and trends, get inspiried and gather contacts in this sector. This year our secretary Claudia Garád was able to attend this event for WMAT. As part of our membership we are granted access to important basic knowledge and information about strategic financial planning.



Wikimedia Austria became member of the ICANN in 2012 and was therefor accredited as a "At-large Structure" what made them a member of the "At-large Community".

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is an international organisation primarily dealing with the granting of names (Domains) and addresses (IP-Adresses) on the internet. While the ICANN is not doing this by itself it delegates the tasks to regional and national registrars. Therefor ICANN is mainly monitoring and setting up requirements for them, what makes ICANN one of the leading authorities of the internet and its regulation. This sets ICNAN partially in direct competition to other authorities such as IETF, IEEE (technological standards) and ITU (conventional telecommunication infrastructure).

Since the ICANN became independent from the United States Department of Commerce it has got a so-called "multiple stakeholder"-structure, which means, that it is holded and controlled by various pressure groups, such as governments, the economy and the society (where the "At-large structure" is situated).

As a member of the ICANN Wikimedia Austria now has full access to the work of the ICANN, is able to participate there and is via the internal mailinglists informed about recent discussions regarding the "internet government". The main reason for WMAT to become a member of the ICANN was our interest in topics regarding neutrality and open accessibility to the internet, which is important to ensure that the society is still able to influence the development of the internet, because the society still runs the Wikimedia projects. Until now WMAT is not taking an aktive part in the ICANN because the organisation is larger and more complex than the Wikimedia-movement, additionally there is a lack of time for the participation on larger events such as WSIS, IGF and EuroDIG. WMATs commitment at the ICANN is free of costs and in the long term. The main task is at the moment to monitor processes and discussions and give notice, if any interesting topics are coming up.

WMAT is represented at the ICANN by Manuel Schneider and Kurt Kulac. Manuel is already active at the ICANN for WMCH and since 2010 board member of the EURALO (European Regional At-Large Organisation).

Manuel Schneider

Wiki Women Camp

Photo: Nkoepff, CC0 1.0 Universal

Regarding to a study of the Wikimedia Foundation in 2010 one of the main problems of the Wikimedia-movement at the moment is a lack of female editors. Therefor various concepts have been elaborated and activities have been set up to change this fact.

One of these activities was the WikiWomenCamp in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 23rd to 25th of May 2012, which should take influence on the direct activities of the women as well as beeing a strategy meeting for further thoughts. Some involved female Wikimedians organised this conference especially for women. As a part of this organisation they had a look at all countries examining the situation for women there:

Wikimedia Austria was supporting this conference with an ammount of 5.000 EUR to enable female Wikimedians from Austria to participate in the conference. Unfortunately despite various announcements and invitations at the public mailinglists, the website and WMATs internal Wiki there was no interested participant from Austria. In addition WMAT hold an ammount of 2.000 EUR for the conference, which was given to WMDE by the organisers to support additional participants by an international scholarship.

In the end 23 participants met for three days at Buenos Aires and disussed in 16 Workshops and meetings about the lack of female editors in the Wikimedia-projects and how to solve this problem.

Manuel Schneider

Photography Project

Photography Workshop Nuremberg

Photography Workshop Vienna

Wikipedia Get-together of the Biology Editorial Team

Hackathon Berlin

Solanaceaen Congress

WikiCup and Writing Contest

Wiki TV

Book Scanner Project


Wikimania Scholarships



Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki takes Oberes Murtal


Wiki Loves Memories

Support Slovakia

Open Week Graz

Wikimeet Lower Austria

Wikimeet Innsbruck

Linux Day


Landtag Project

University and School Projects

UIBK Biology Project

FH Vorarlberg

Wikipedia School Projects

Literary Scholarships

Business Cards and E-Mail



Activities so far

GLAM Wiki Camp, London, September 2012

Task Force

International Cooperation

Finance Meeting, Paris

Wikimedia Conference, Berlin

State of the Chapters

Wikimedia Chapters Association

Knowledge Sharing Among Chapters


Chapter-selected Board Seats

Austrian-Swiss Cooperation

Wikimania, Washington D.C.

Wikimedia Chapters Association

Fund Dissemination Committee

Public Relations (Selection)

Future: Outlook and Ideas

Vienna Office

Wiki Loves Public Art

Wiki Loves Plants