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Direct project expenditures (all amounts in EUR)

Projects to promote free knowledge are central to the budget plan. Target groups are – as before – mainly volunteer communities for Wikimedia projects, members, and users. Furthermore we organize projects in schools and universities. We support international cooperation on Wikimedia projects, meetings on a multinational level, working together with the Wikimedia chapters and communities in our neighbouring countries. We encourage the distribution of free knowledge and content, particularly on Austria-related topics. We help writers and photographers to gain access to libraries and archives, events and meetings, and support the development of skills and tools. We attend meetings with local authorities and congresses related to Open Source and Open Content. For 2013, the following project expenditures are planned:

Indirect project expenditures (all amounts in EUR)

Aside from funds used directly for projects, there are a number of indirect administration expenditures such as the office facilities, rent, salaries of non-project employees, or board expenses. Some of these expenditures are typical administrative costs of membership associations, such as members administration, general assembly, fees for changing the bylaws, and legal advice. This part of the budget focuses on building and maintaining communication structures, in addition and beyond single projects. Also our facilities for publishing our reports, providing informations, planing public relation activities, and storing our promotion material need to be maintained. The center of all these activities is our new office in Vienna, which opened in autumn 2012. This part of the budget also comprises the costs for financial transactions and for all the accountancy.

Receipts (all amounts in EUR)

Overall income from grants budget of the Wikimedia Foundation plus local fundraising done in Austria.

Direct project expenditures
Wikimania 20,700 10.00%
Scholarships given by WMAT to send people from Austria to Wikimania in Hongkong including board members.
Wikimedia Conference 1,000 0.48%
Sending two board members from Wikimedia Austria to the Wikimedia Conference in Milan.
Book Grants 1,000 0.48%
The book grant project from Wikimedia Österreich provides Wikipedia authors reference books and access to databases and online archives to obtain new sources for their articles.
Community budget 32,880 15.88%
The same as the Community Budget Project from Wikimedia Deutschland – grants for ideas coming from the community in Austria, mainly for local projects
WLM followup 9,440 4.56%
Continuation of the successful project Wiki Loves Monuments, also with a focus on international cooperation with other Wikimedia chapters.
Austrian Photography Project. 14,400 6.96%
WMAT provides the Wikimedia Community with professional photography equipment, including insurance for special events and purposes. The photographers get support for accessing or organizing certain events and for their travel costs.
"Ortsbildmesse" (an expo) 4,240 2,05%
Followup of a community project of 2012 as a regional part of WLM, with a focus on cooperation with politics and institutions in Upper Austria.
Wiki Loves Memories 4.720 2,28%
Digitalization of – in our humble opinion – valuable slide-collections for Wikimedia Commons. The focus lies on unique, historical moments in the past.
International Wikimedia editorial meetings 4,980 2.41%
Helping members from the Austrian community to attend events and meetups concerning Wikimedia projects. 2012 there were meetings with German speaking administrators of de.WP, meetings of Wikipedians writing articles about biology and natural sciences in Slowenia, Fotoworkshops, competitions in writing with international jury meetings etc.
Wiki Convention 3,980 1.92%
Every year a big meeting is organized by German speaking Wikipedians to share skills and to cooperate. Other than last year, WMAT will not organize the meeting, but support that event by scholarships and a small grant.
Volunteer promotion 9,440 4.56%
Promoting Wikimedia projects in Austria, Swag, Brochures, etc. for meet-ups and local communites, focused on promoting Wikimedia projects.
State parliament project 6,700 3.24%
Sequel of the successfull German project to illustrate articles about Austrian politicians.
Project infrastructure + programming 7,220 3.49%
Extention of the IT-Infrastructure of WMAT. Further improvement of our websites, CiviCRM maintenance, various programming for projects.
Library Project 4,960 2.40%
Continuation of the project from 2012. Books and other historical publications that are donated to or were purchased by WMAT are provided to the Community. The library can provide sources of Austrian history and supports the work on Austria related topics in the Wikipedia. The library is situated in our new office in Vienna and also provides workplaces for studying the sources.
Wikimedium 3.480 1.68%
Publishing of a Chapters-Newspaper. There will be a printed and an online version, to reach more potential supporters.
Volunteers total 129,140 62.39%
Society & Politics
Schools & Universities Projects 7,220 3.49%
Proceedings in cooperation with schools and universities. Maintaining the already existing and development of further relationships with schools, universities and colleges, etc.
Public Relations Project 8,700 4.20%
General public relations budget, that is not covered by Volunteer Promotions, focused on WMAT press relations coverage.
Christmas-project 9,520 4,60%
Followup of the planned December 2012 public relations- and fundraising-event on charity-christmas-markets.
5-year anniversary 2,100 1.01%
WMAT will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2013. The Party shall be used to invite medias, politics and society.
QR-Pedia 8,680 4.19%
Further development of the QR-Pedia-projects. Until now plants of the botanical garden of the University of Graz were labeled with QR-codes; the scope of further projects has big potential.
international relationships 7.960 3,85%
further development and improving international relationships of WMAT. Improving crosslinking should improve potential for new projects.
GLAM & access to open content 3.180 1,54%
WMAT is a partner regarding all open source and open content related questions of governmental and non-governmental organisations, archives and museums. We are invited to meetings and conventions within and outside of Austria regularly. We also support other organisations, that support the idea of free knowledge.
Speakers-pool 6.440 3,11%
Development of an effective and well organized group of speakers for projects like the Schools & Universities Projects to gain more parties interested in outreach and better elucidation.
Society & Politics total 53,800 25.99%
Unallocated budget
Unallocated budget 5,000 2.42%
Not allocated to a certain project, used as a buffer and for new projects in this category.
Direct project expenditures total 187.940 90.80%
Indirect project expenditures
Administration 200 0.10%
Advertisement and information for members, administration of membership fees etc. Due to CiviCRM easier and cheaper than 2012
Assemblies 1,000 0.48%
General Assemblies; WMAT is obliged to hold every year. Also here we are expecting savings due to CiviCRM.
Members total 1,200 0.58%
Office rent and utilities 9.000 4.35%
Rents, energy costs and utilities for the new WMAT office in Vienna.
Legal expenses 1,000 0.48%
General legal expenses, not project related, during operational year.
Office facilities 550 0.27%
Expenses for office facilities during the operational year, toner costs, paper, etc. Despite the growth of WMAT we are expecting fewer costs due to more efficient workflows.
Bookkeeping & Accounting, Banking and insurances 4,500 2.17%
Accounting costs (bookkeeper), banking fees, insurances etc. Due to CiviCRM there is a considerable cost reduction at the accounting costs.
Internal communication & travel 2,800 1.35%
Communication, cell phone bills, internet, mail charges, shipping costs, etc. The growth of WMAT is noticable at this point.
Management total 17,850 8.62%
Indirect project expenditures total 19,050 9.20%
Unrestricted contributions
WMF Grant 2013 186,890
Fundraising 25,000
Member fees 2,100
Receipts total 213,990

Cash Flows

The cash flow statement outlines how the chapter's funds will develop throughout the fiscal year. For 2013 we expect the following cash flows:

Cash flows
End-of-year balance 2012 25,000
plus surplus of WMF Grant 2012 3,000
Receipts 2013 213.990
Expenditures 2013 -206.990
End-of-year balance 2013 35.000
Surplus 35.000