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The Future of Wikimedia Österreich

In the following years it will not just be a challenge for Wikimedia Österreich, the preserve the profile so far, but also to further develop ourselves, for getting increasingly efficient. Growth, personnel and structural, is needed for this purpose; therein lies the potential for chances, but it is a risk as well. Simultaneously new task will be brought over to us. For setting us up ourselves for further tasks, we now need to think about. What is important to us?

For having a guidline in this times, first it is necessary, to capture important key words and formulate an overall concept. Strategic targets need to be formulates, just as the year targets and planings for an infrastructure need to be started. For this purpose the board of Wikimedia Österreich met from April, 20th-22nd 2012 in Graz. With a request short before we tried to get input from the community and the membership, but the echo was weak unfortunately.

We started with a review on our strengths an weeknesses. Added by a "wish list" we developed the emphasises of the organization's work for the coming years out of that and formulated a strategic main target as well as to co-targets. The two latter ones shall be seen as important accents in the organization's work where their operations have to be reflected in the main target's light. As a result of this work we also sketched the needed personnel development already.

Herewith we want to hand in a draft, which can be discussed further. In parts this will be necessary for sure, to put this into practice. Nevertheless we want to obtain agreement of the organization as a whole, our goal is, to conclude a strategic paper at the next general meeting at the latest.

Working Weekend

  • Graz, April, 20th – 22nd 2012
    • Friday: Wiki-Meetup in the evening ([1])
    • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Kurt Kulac
  • Ingo Allmer
  • Beppo Stuhl
  • Reiner Strubert
  • Michael Kranewitter
  • Denis Barthel
  • Manuel Schneider



Brainstorming: Activities

  • + positive Activities
  • - Activities, now working satisfying
  • Activities done by other Wikimedia-organizations, but we are doing not
  • other activities ocurring
I Association (Basis) II International Stuff (Co-Target – 20%) III Community / Content (Main Target – 50%) IV External Stuff (Co-Target – 30%)


  • + Regular Board Work
  • + Budgeting
  • + Process of goal-defining
  • - Projects remeining pending
  • - Levy membership fees
  • - Activating new members
  • - Undefinite responsibilities within board
  • - Reduction of the dependence of the Foundation in financial concerns
  • - Communication/press/public relations


  • + CiviCRM
  • + Regulation of traveling expenses
  • + Equipement (also for the office)
  • - Lack of staff, personnel bottleneck

International Collaboration

  • Fundraising Summit

Development Collaboration


  • + WLM (Wiki Loves Monuments)
  • + Photo projects

Community Arising

  • WikiCon
  • + Schoolarship for literature
  • + Schoolarships for members (e.g. Wikimania) for motivating them
  • - Aktivierung der Community
  • Politics/Lobbying
  • Science/Support of Research/Wikipedistic
  • Educational work in context of education/"Silberwissen" (Project for motivating older people)
  • Cooperation with third parties in cultural scope (GLAM) (add. LIkeminded Organisations) + Releasing content under a free licence/User Generated Content + QR-Tags/QRpedia)
  • Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit + Verlagstätigkeit/Herausgeberschaft
  • Press and public relations + publishing task/


The emphasises Community Content and Community Arising are supported by the other two scopes. External scopes of Free Knowledge like OpenStreetMap etc. are represented with their goals for sure, but in the present stadium behind the Wikimedia-Community in the queue, in favour of the Wikimedia-Projects.

One of the main targets of Wikimedia Österreich is the support of creation/releasing of content for the Wikimedia-projects through the communities.

Main Target: Community Work

Definition Ziele

Types of content:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Multimedia files (Audio, Video).

Types of indicators:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Number of access
  • Versability / further usage
  • 2012:
    • General increasing of new posted content
    • Development of a methodic for measuring the amount of the new created conten as well as their further usage (pictures, media)
  • 2013: created 20% more content and used as 2012
  • 2014: created 20% more content and used as 2013
Community Arising
Definition Targets


  • Voluntary staff for the Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia and it's sister projects
  • Membership at Wikimedia Österreich is not a criterion


  • Trustfulness among each other, communication, information
  • Community presence
  • Request of the community at the board
  • Increasing the female rate
  • More "audience" like older, younger female and male staff
  • Support of the community-interconnectedness
  • 2012: Development of a questionary, sent to the community annually
  • 2013 and 2014: 50% more Community events bzw. actions or projects than in the year before
  • 2013 and 2014: 20% more of people involved into events, actions and projects than in the year before

Until the end of the fiscal year 2012 a general increase of the results in running projects shall be achieved. Therefore an algorithm for measuring annually increasing rates has to be developed. In the years 2012 and 2013 20% more content shall be created and used.

Wikimedia Österreich supports the community at creating contents. Through community arising we support collaborative and social processes, that are requierements therefore. Trustfulness of members and community and their presence in the organization are important determinats for the success of Wikimedia Österreich.

Events/actions and projects implemented in collaboration with the community shall be increased as well as the invoved persons by 50%/20%. Beginning in 2012 a questionary (with mostly similar questions) concerning WM AT shall be filled out from the organization's members before the annual general meeting.

1st Co-Target: External Stuff

Definition Ziele
  • Science on Wikipedia
  • Not our primary target until 2015
Educational Work
Definition Targets
  • School projects and university programs in which students create content for Wikimedia projects and workshops for the usage of Wikimedia content
  • Continue answering request with smaller amounts
  • Taking part in the reverents network of WMDE
Readers and Donators
Definition Targets
  • Readers: Access to WM projects and WMAT pages
  • Spender: Money transactions to WMAT or WMF
  • Increasing the access to WMAT pages by 20% per year (average)
  • Increasing the earnings by 25% per year (a person shall be charged with this)
Definition Targets
  • Convince institutions of using free licences and support implementations (Wikipedian in Residence)
  • Collaboration with organization for releaseing or creating contents for WM projects
  • 2013: Commitment with an organization for the usage of free licenses
  • since 2014: Start of collaboration with further institutions
Definition Targets
  • Excertion of influence on the legislation
  • Creating first contacts until 2014
  • Mitnutzung anderer Projekte (Landtagsprojekt) und der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
  • Co-usage of other projects (Landtagsprojekt, where Landtag is the government of Austrian and German federal states) public relations
"Like Minded Coops"
Definition Targets

Networking with organizations, who are working on similar topics, e. g. free knowledge or free content

  • 2012 regular contacts
  • 2013 regular consultations
  • 2014 joint actions

2. Co-Target: International Stuff

Definition Target
  • Cooperation WMF-WMAT as well as other chapters.
  • preservere satisfying situation with adequate efford
Networking of Communities
Definition Targets
  • Collaboration of German speaking Wikimedians with foreign and foreign-speaking Wikimedians on community level
  • same amount of Projects
Creating of new Chapters
Definition Ziele
  • Provision of ressources (money, persons, knowledge, equipment) for new chapters needed to be founded on their request
  • Same amount of supportions as by now
Chapter Cooperation
Definition Targets
  • Collaboration of WMAT with other Wikimedia organizations
  • 2013: 5 cooperations, 2014: 8 cooperations
International Stuff
  • Scholarships for Wikimania and other international meetings ("glance beyond the usual edge")
    • At the moment satisfying – set the efford like the actual state
  • "Diplomacy": Relations to WMF et al. e.g. within the the capters conference
    • At the moment satisfying – set the efford like the actual state

Wikimedia Österreich has good contacts within the international movement. We increase the level of collaboration with alreadty existing and support the arising of new chapters. We support the networking within the communities.

  • Enforce, in cases direct with the community
Development Assistance
  • Transfer of knowledge (organizational knowledge)
  • Chapter-development + chapter grants (Spain, Kenya, Slovakia, ...)
    • As required

Wikimedia Österreich will maintain his good international contacts within the movement furtheron. We support the networking behind our Communities, support the creation of new chapters on request and enforce the cooperation.

Basis: Infrastructure of the organization

Task list

Board work

  • Meeting (general meetings, board's meetings), scheduling, etc.
  • Administration (travel organisation, Hotel ...)
  • Recording
  • Competence distribution
  • Department supervision
  • Supervision of the management (employment superision, contract of emplyment)
  • Diplomacy


  • Transfers
  • Accounting
  • Buget supervision
  • Administrate vouchers
  • ELBA
  • Membership fee
  • Audit
  • Finance reports


  • Administrate Donators
  • Gain Donations
  • Confirmations/expression of thanks
  • Reply on e-mail-requests
  • Update Websites

Project Management

  • Planning
  • Organisation
  • Project approval
  • Project leading
  • Project work
  • Equipment administration
  • Evaluating/Reports
  • Determination of measuring algorithms


  • Reporting against the Foundation
  • Composition of texts (on mailinglists, newspapers, pages ...)
  • Reports for the community about the participation at supported activities (Community reports, blogs)
  • Press work (reply on requess, interviews ...)
  • Public relations
  • Processing requests
  • Measuring press and PR-work by accessing-numbers
  • Surveys (WMAT surveys for evaluation, annually)
  • Publishing tasks


  • Office leading
  • Personnel management
  • Stock (asking for quotes/procurement, Inventory)
  • Ressources
  • Server, websites
  • Contacts: bank, insurances, ...
  • Administration and canvassing members
  • Juristic stuff (agreements, statutes, problem, ...)
  • Creation and administration of a community panel (e.g. for advises, mostly after decision of the general meeting and potential election)
  • Implementation of the targets, checking of the implementations
Task List, by positions

temporary minimal structure – to many tasks are distribute onto to few people, Distribution by level of competence. Part-time employees result summarized max. one full-time job.

Weiterer Ausbau dann nach Bedarf durch Geschäftsführer nach Vorlage eines finanzierbaren Konzepts (Grant-Antrag bzw. mehr Eigen-Einnahmen).

Further upgrading by the manager after presentation of a financeable concept (Grant proposal or increasing own income) as required .


  • Audit/Report
  • ELBA
  • Budget checking
  • Distribution of compentences
  • Supervision of the administrativ offic
  • Supervision of the departments
  • Diplomacy

Mitarbeiter "Sekretariat" (vorübergehend Teilzeit) Employee "Secretariat" (temporarily Part-Time)

  • Telephone/fax/mail/post
  • Getting Community-Reports
  • Answering Requests of the community
  • Asking for quotes
  • Inventrory administration
  • Procurement
  • Ressources
  • Organisation of travels
  • Events

Employees "Finance/Donations" (temporarily Part-Time)

  • Accounting
  • Administration of members
  • Administration of donations
  • Fundraising

Management (Full-Time)

  • Composition of texts (on mailinglists, newspapers, reporting, press ...)
  • Press (Interviews)
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising material
  • Contact: Bank and Insurances
  • Administration Eisenhower
  • Gain donations
  • Office leading
  • Implementing targets
  • Personnel
  • Community panel (Integration)

Outsourcing to external companies

  • Servers
  • Juristic stuff
  • Designing surveys
Profile: Manager
  • Knowledge of English (business fluent) absolutely needed, eventually second modern foreign language
  • Management experience
  • Project management experience
  • Basic knowledge of finance management
  • Digital Native (Social Media)
  • Communicative, eloquent and text-affine
  • Creative and flexible
  • Willingness to travel
  • Experience with Wikipedia is an advantage
  • Experience with volunteers

Topic memory

Ideas, we want to memorize. You can as quarry. Therefore is the topic memory.

  • Publishing tasks
  • Minority languages