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§ 2 Purpose of the Association
## Analysis, redigation collection of science based evidences and scientific documentation, the free redistribution of these content, for the advancement of open content. The emphasis lies on various wikimedia projects as defined by the Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
## The redistribution and advancement of free software, in digital or printed form the, with its main focus on various wikimedia projects.
## Acquisition, preparation, redistribution of information and publicity on open content, Wiki systems and Wikimedia projects. Wikis are software systems accessible via the Internet which let their users both access and modify content, thus enabling the joint creation of such content. The most prominent example of this principle is the free encyclopedia "Wikipedia" initiated by Larry Sanger and Jimmy D. Wales which is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation.
## Resolving scientific, social, cultural and legal issues relating to Free Content, through expert opinions, surveys, studies, and the awarding of scholarships.
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