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Photography Project: free translation
=== Photography Project===
[[Datei:Cha-Cha-Cha Vodicar Bychkova 0686.JPG|thumb|Miha Vodicar and Nadiya Bychkova dancing a Cha-Cha-Cha<br> Photo: Ailura, cc-by-sa 3.0]]
What began last year with an expensive equipment acquisition and the setting of ambitious objectives turned out to be a major project for Wikimedia Austria. There is hardly a week without a request for an accreditation and a transport of WMATs noticeable camera equipment somewhere.
WMAT still uses its existing contacts to football-clubs and the -league as well as responding to individual wishes of Wikipedians. But especially these wishes are what makes this project this notable. Because at first the wishes and requirements of the Community are making the results of the project so diverese.
Not only sports and nature-photographs but also pictures of celebrities such as politicians, actors and rock musicians are now categorised at the project-category with nearly 7000 pictures on Wikimedia Commons. Not only the doubtlessness of the photographers which handle the equipment but also WMATs self-confidence has raised in the last year, so that we also ask at large and important events for an accreditation for our photographers. Let's see, where we are going next in the name of Wikimedia-projects. Evereything's possible!
=== Photography Workshop Nuremberg===
=== Photography Workshop Vienna===
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