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LinuxTag: translation
=== LinuxTag ===
The Linuxday in Berlin is by the description of its organisers Europes leading Open-Source-Event. Manuel Schneider has been there for a couple of years frequently as a exhibitor. In the last years he represented OpenZIM in combination with tntnet because the developer of both projects is Tommi Mäkitalo.
This year Manuel was planning to do something different there. After the positiv experiences at the Linuxday in Dornbirn he organised a Wikimedia stand at the Linuxday in Berlin as well, where the first official public collaboration of the three german-language Wikimedia-Chapters (WMDE, WMAT and WMCH) took place. Additionally some other projects of the Wikimedia-movement were represented at this stand. Of course also OpenZIM and tntnet were at the Linuxday, supplemented by Emmanuel Engelhart with Kiwix, which bases on both of them.
Lydia and Angelika from WMDE further represented the projects Wikidata and RENDER. They alternated with Catrin Schoneville, Johannes Rohr, Kai Nissen, Katja Ullrich, Michael Jahn, Nils Brenner, Phillip Wilke und Silke Meyer from WMDE as well as with Marco Fleckinger, who was the Austrian representative in the Wikidata-project.
A special highlight was the live videoconference connection betwenn Vienna, Düsseldorf and Berlin. Wolfgang and Wolfgang from ComputerClub 2 wanted to take an interview with Nils Magnus from LinuxTag e.V., but were not able to be in place. With the help of the ORF they were able to set up a conference connection between Vienna and the two outposts. Organised by Manuel Wikimedia was together with the ORF the broadcaster of this event.
Additionally this year the soft drinks were sponsored by all of the three represented chapters. The costs of 900 EUR were solidarily splitted between them.
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