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The Sweet Taste of Austria: about
In a feast of typical Austrian sweet dishes, ''[http://taste-of-data.tumblr.com/about prazlab collective]'' prepared for you a buffet with the best-known cakes: Sachertorte, apple strudel, Linzertorte, Marmorgugelhupf (marble bundt cake), Esterházy torte [[File:Wikidata-logo.svg|16px|link=d:Q253209|Linzertorte on Wikidata]] and Streuselkuchen [[File:Wikidata-logo.svg|16px|link=d:Q451645|Streuselkuchen on Wikidata]]. The ingredients of the original recipes are mapped '''according to the statistical data about the Wikipedia entry''' of the cake. This update adds to the taste its metadata: the date of creation of the article, the number of edits and the amount of visitors of the page.
''About the prazlab art collective: Since 2012 Veronika and Vesela and have been working together on multisensorial experiences, creating edible interfaces, artistic visualizations and food data tastifications. Their works are based on the most universal language of food, using cooking techniques and focusing on the act of eating.''
=== Group photo ===
Vorstand, WLM